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Oracle Fusion General Ledger 

General Ledger Basic Configuration
1.    Create Accounting Calendar

2.    Create/Enable Currencies
3.    Create Value Sets
4.    Create Chart of Accounts
5.    Create Chart of Accounts Instance
6.    Create Primary Ledger
7.    Setup Ledger Options
8.    Create Legal Entity
9.    Complete Primary Ledger Definition
10.    Assign GL Roles to User
11.    Provide Data Access for User
12.    Run LDAP Job
13.    Open GL Periods
14.    Account Hierarchy Creation


Transaction Process 

  1.  Understanding Role Based Dashboards

    2.    Create Journals & Post

    3.    Journal Approval Configuration & Testing

    4.    Create Journals in ADFdi

    5.    Loading Journals from FBDI Templates

    6.    Foreign Currency Journals Setups & Process

    7.    Reverse Journals Setups & Process

    8.    Data Access Set Setups & Process

    9.    Security Rules Setups & Process

    10.    Cross-Validation Rules Setups & Process

    11.    Create Ledger Set Setups & Process

    12.    Create Reporting Ledger/Reporting Currency Setups & Process

    13.    Create Secondary Ledger Setups & Process

    14.    Auto Posting Setups & Process

    15.    Auto Reversal Setups & Process

    16.    Revaluation Setups & Process

    17.    Translation Setups & Process

    18.    Consolidation Setups & Process

    19.    Generating Reports from Financial Reporting Studio (FRS)

    20.    Generating Reports from Smart View

    21.    Account Inspector 

    23.    Account Monitor

    24.    GL Period Close Process 

Oracle Fusion Accounts Payables 

Payables Basic Configuration 

  1.  Create Business Unit Locations

    2.    Create Reference Data Sets

    3.    Create Business Units

    4.    Assign Business Unit Functions to Business Unit

    5.    Create Legislative Data Group (LDG)

    6.    Assign Legislative Data Group to LE

    7.    Create Employee User

    8.    Assign Implementation Consultant Roles to User

    9.    Create Procurement Agents

    10.    Setup Common Options for Payables and Procurement

    11.    Invoice Options Configuration

    12.    Payment Options Configuration

    13.    Create Payment Terms

    14.    Create Distribution Sets

    15.    Setting up Suppliers Number

    16.    Assign Supplier Roles to User

    17.    Create Supplier

    18.    Create Supplier Addresses

    19.    Create Supplier Sites

    20.    Assigning Supplier Sites to Procurement Business Units

    21.    Create Banks

    22.    Create Branches

    23.    Create Bank Accounts

    24.    Create Payables Documents

    25.    Create Payment Method

    26.    Defining Payment Formats

    27.    Create Payment Process Profile

    28.    Assign AP Roles to User

    29.    Provide Data Access for User

    30.    Submitting LDAP Job

    31.    Open Payables Periods


Transaction Process:

  1.  Standard Invoice Creation

    2.    PO Based Invoice Creation

    3.    Invoice Creation via Spreadsheet

    4.    Debit Memo Invoice Creation

    5.    Credit Memo Invoice Creation

    6.    Payment Creation Process

    7.    Creating Payment Process Request (PPR)

    8.    Prepayment Invoice Process

    9.    Withholding Tax Setups & Process

    10.    Bills Payables Configuration & Process

    11.    Pay Alone Configuration & Process

    12.    Foreign Currency Invoice & Payment Configuration & Process

    13.    Supplier Merge Process

    14.    Interest Invoice Configuration & Process

    15.    Recurring Invoice Configuration & Process

    16.    Third Party Payments Configuration & Process

    17.    Cross Currency Payments Configuration & Process

    18.    Invoice Approval Configuration & Testing

    19.    Security Profile Configuration & Testing

    20.    Create Hold & Release Reason

    21.    Supplier Refund Process

    22.    Create Aging Periods & Testing

    23.    Custom Roles

    24.    File Based Data Import (FBDI) Process – Suppliers Conversion Process

    25.    File Based Data Import (FBDI) Process – Open Invoices Conversion Process

    26.    Creating Accounting Entries & Transferring to GL

    27.    Payables Period Close Process

    28.    Payables to General Ledger Reconciliation

    29.    Creating BI Reports

    30.    Creating OTBI Reports


Oracle Fusion Accounts Receivables 

Receivables Basic Configuration

  1.  Receivables System Options Configuration

    2.    Define Transaction Types

    3.    Define Transaction Sources

    4.    Auto Accounting Configuration

    5.    Create Payment Terms

    6.    Create Statement Cycles 

    7.    Collector Creation

    8.    Create Customer Profile Class

    9.    Create Reference Data Set for Customer Site

    10.    Create Customer

    11.    Create Customer Site/Address

    12.    Create Remit-to-Address

    13.    Memo Lines Creation

    14.    Create Receivable Activities

    15.    Create Receipt Classes & Methods

    16.    Create Receipt Source

    17.    Assign AR Roles to User

    18.    Provide Data Access for User

    19.    Submitting LDAP Job

    20.    Open Receivables Periods


Transaction Process: 

Oracle Fusion Cash Management 

Cash Management Basic Configurations

Transaction Process 

Oracle Fusion Fixed Assets


Fixed Assets Configuration 

Transaction Process

  1.  Manual Additions

    2.    Asset Creation using Spreadsheet/ADFdi

    3.    Mass Additions

    4.    Merge Asset Lines

    5.    Split Asset Lines

    6.    CIP Asset & CIP Capitalization

    7.    Reclassification

    8.    Run Depreciation (Draft/Final)

    9.    Mass Copy

    10.    What-if Analysis

    11.    Rollback Depreciation

    12.    Asset Retirement

    13.    Asset Reinstatements

    14.    File Based Data Import (FBDI) Process – Assets

    15.    Create Accounting Entries & Transfer to GL

    16.    Assets Period Close Process 

Oracle Fusion Expense 

Expense Configuration

Transaction Process  

Oracle Fusion Tax 

Fusion Tax Configuration

Transaction Process

P2P (Procure to Pay Cycle) 

Inventory and Purchasing Configuration  

Transaction Process (P2P)

O2C (Order to Cash Cycle)

Transaction Process (O2C)

Oracle Fusion Functional Setup Manager (FSM)


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