SAP HANA Training in Bangalore

Learn SAP HANA Course from Basic to Advanced from the Certified Trainers.We are Providing SAP training for enduser & Consultant level as well. SAP HANA training in Bangalore with global Certification.



  • Introduction to SAP HANA

  • Hana Version and SPS

  • HANA Overview

  • SAP In-Memory Strategy

  • HANA compare to BW

  • Sap Hana DB and other Sap Servers

  • Components

  • Sap Hana Editions

  • Hana Licensing

  • Hana Box

  • Hardware Vendors

  • Sap Servers and the modules

  • Sap Hana Working Areas

  • Sap Hana Data Provisioning

  • Sap Hana Data Modelling

  • Sap Hana Data Reporting

Look &Feel

  • In-Memory Computing Studio

  • Hana Studio and Perspectives

  • Modeler Perspective

  • Administration view

  • Navigator View

  • Quick Lunch/view Area

  • System Monitor

  • Information Modeler 


  • Architecture Overview

  • IMCE and Surroundings

  • Tables in Hana

  • Row Store

  • Column Store

  • Loading data into HANA

  • Schema

  • User Defined Schema

  • System Defined Schemas

  • SLT Derived Schema

  • Data Modeling

  • Reporting

  • Persistent Layer

  • Backup & Recovery

Basic Activities in Hana Studio

  • Logging to Hana DB

  • Adding System

  • Creating Schema

  • Schema Types

  • Creating Tables

  • Basic Hana SQL Scripts

  • Changing Table Structures

  • Perspectives

  • SQL Console

Hana Data Provisioning

  • Triggered Based Replication

  • ETL Based Replication

  • Log Based Replication

  • Extractor Based Replication(DXC Concept)

  • Replication Server

  • Replication Process

  • Replication Architecture

  • SLT Replication Transformation

  • Data Services

  • Data Provisioning using BODS:File to HANA

  • Data Provisioning using BODS:ECC to HANA

  • Data Provisioning using BODS:BW to HANA

  • Data Provisioning using BODS:SQL to HANA

  • Data Provisioning using BODS:HANA to SQL

  • Data Provisioning using SLT (ECC to HANA)

  • Direct Extractor Connection*

  • Flat File Loads


  • Basic Data service Connection types

  • Configure Import server

  • Create and execute a Data Service Job to Populate HANA

  • Populating data from different sources

  • Flat File, DB ,SAP BI/BW ,SAP ERP sources

  • Import and Export

  • Smart Data Access (SDA) concepts

  • Importing data from MS Excel Files

  • Importing data from CSV files

Sap Data Services


  • Project

  • Repository Creation

  • Job Server Creation

  • Job

  • Job Execute/Schedule

  • Data Flow

  • Query Transform

  • Case Transform

  • Merge Transform

  • Repository Creation

  • Work flow

  • File Formats

  • Bods Components

Hana Modeling

  • Purpose of Information Modeler

  • Levels of Modeling in SAP HANA

  • Types of Views

  • Views Creation

  • Attribute Views

  • Standard Attributes

  • Derived Attributes

  • Time Attributes

  • Analytic Views

  • Star join

  • Calculation Views

  • Calculated Columns

  • Restricted Columns

  • Variables

  • Using Filters

  • Input Parameters

  • Analytic Previlege View

  • SAP HANA Engine Overview

  • Decesion Tables

  • Export & Import

  • Importing BW Models

  • Auto Documentation of Packages/Views

  • Hierarchy

  • Accesing Hana data from MS Excel

  • Joins

  • Auto Documentation

  • Delivery Units

  • Privileges

  • Decision Tables

  • Different Types of options in the View Editor

  • Data Preview for views

Hana Reporting

  • HANA, Reporting Layer

  • Connectivity options

  • Business Objects BI 4.2

  • Information Design Tool(IDT)

  • Univrese

  • Semantic Layer (Universe)

  • Connections

  • DataFoundations

  • Business Layers

  • Creating Universe for Hana

  • Creating Universe from BW on Hana

  • Business Objects BI 40 Explorer

  • Business Objects BI 40 Enterprise

  • Generating Reports in Webi

  • Crystal Reports via ODBC/JDBC Connections

  • Others & MS Excel

User Management

  • Creation of Users

  • Creation of Roles

  • Creation of Role Hierarchy

  • Assignment of Users to Roles

  • Authentication

Other Topics

  • Schema Mapping

  • Role of Solution Manager on SAP HANA

  • System Landscape

  • ASAP

  • Hana on Cloud

  • Rapid Deployment Solution

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