SAP MM Training in Bangalore

Learn SAP MM Course from Basic to Advanced from the Certified Trainers.We are Providing SAP training for enduser & Consultant level as well. SAP MM training in Bangalore with global Certification.


Introduction to ERP

  • ERP Package

  • Introduction to SAP

  • Function and Objective of MM

  • SAP Real time Project Team Structure and business process(ASAP)

  • SAP R/3 Architecture 

Enterprise Structure

  • Company

  • Company code

  • Controlling area

  • Storage location

  • Purchasing organization

  • Purchasing group

  • Master Data

  • Material master Record

  • Vendor master  Record

  • Purchase Info Record

  • Source list

  • Condition 


  • Purchase requisition

  • Request for quotation

  • Quotation

  • Purchase Order

  • Standard PO

  • Consignment PO

  • Subcontracting PO

  • Consumable PO

  • Blanket PO

  • Stock Transport Order

  • Outline agreement

  • Contract

  • Schedule Agreement 

Document types for purchasing Document

  • Define document type

  • Define Number Range for document types

  • Define screen layout at document level

  • Account Assignment Category and Item Category 

Release Procedure for purchasing documents

  • Purchase requisition

  • Purchase Order 

Optimized Purchasing

  • Automatic PO with reference to PR

  • Automatic PO at the time of GR 

Valuation and Accounting

  • Material Valuation

  • Automatic account Determination(AAD) 

Special Stocks and Procurement

  • Consignment

  • Subcontracting

  • Third party process

  • Pipe line

  • Stock transport (STO process) 

Inventory Management

  • Movement Type

  • Goods Receipt

  • Good Issue

  • Transfer Postings

  • Return delivery to vendor

  • Initial entry stock balances

  • Reservations 

Physical Inventory

  • Physical Inventory Procedure

  • Creating physical inventory document

  • Inventory differences

  • Cycle counting 

Pricing procedure

  • Maintain condition table

  • Define access sequence

  • Define condition type

  • Define calculation schema

  • Define schema group

  • Define schema determination 

Invoice Verification

  • Basic Invoice verification procedure

  • Invoice for PO with account assignment

  • Subsequent debit and credit

  • Credit memo and reversal

  • Invoice verification in the back ground

  • Automatic settlement

  • Releasing Blocked Invoice

  • Evaluated and receipt settlement

  • Customization for invoice verification 

Consumption Based Planning

  • Reorder point planning

  • Forecast based Planning

  • Time phased planning

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